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What You Need To Know About E Cigarettes

Hundreds of thousands of people die each year as a result of smoking cigarettes. Sadly, many of these people have most likely attempted to quit in the past, but were unable to remain non smokers. Fortunately, e cigarettes are quickly becoming a popular alternative to smoking a traditional cigarette. These interesting devices have been proven to help ex-smokers kick the habit and stay non smokers for the rest of their lives. The term e cigarette is short for electronic cigarette, meaning that this version of a cigarette requires a battery charged from an electric power source. Essentially, these devices are basically nothing more than a rechargeable battery attached to a small tank filled with liquid nicotine. Some of them also have smaller more thin versions that attach to something called a cartomizer. They more closely resemble a cigarette and generally weigh less. The nicotine is heated up and forms a vapor, which the smoker inhales just like a regular cigarette.

The liquid inside of an e cigarette can come in a variety of different flavors and strengths. In fact, people can even purchase these liquids with a zero level of nicotine. The flavors of “e liquid” can range from traditional tobacco and menthol, to more unique flavors like coffee, cherry, banana, and many other different flavors. This helps to keep the process interesting and gives customers a wide variety of choices to select from when finding a liquid to fill their e cigarette with. Perhaps the biggest benefit to these devices is that they have a high success rate for people who are trying to quit smoking. The vapor emitted is harmless and odorless, so there is no more smoky smell in the person’s clothing, home, hair, or vehicle. There are also no ashes to contend with.

Doctors have been doing research on the benefits and risks of e cigarettes for many years. While most cannot confirm for certain that this new device is completely harmless, most will concur that these devices are a much safer and better choice than smoking a tar, chemical filled cigarette. Many parents worry, however, that e cigarettes can open the door to teenagers to smoking regular cigarettes. There have been recent calls of more regulation on these items put in place by the FDA. In some countries, e cigarettes are being banned from use in public places. The argument against the ban is that they do not emit smoke and do not put off any smell, therefore they are harmless to others. What concerns others is the ingredients found in the e cigarette liquid. While most brands contain harmless material, flavoring, and nicotine, others may have more harmful ingredients. Since this liquid is not currently regulated, there is no sure fire way of knowing if the ingredients are safe for consumption or to breathe in. E cigarettes are clearly becoming a popular business venture, so more and more companies are now making and selling the liquids as well as the smoking devices themselves. This is why many are calling for more regulation of both sales to minors and of the ingredients. It is still clear that e cigarettes are a much better choice than smoking regular ones, and can possibly save lives.